About Us

Our mission at Jolly Boutiques is to inspire, heal, and strengthen ourselves as well as those around us. Today in the U.S. over 17.3 million adults are in a state of depression and over 280 million adults are in a state of depression worldwide. Jolly Boutiques focuses on positive ideas and messages in the hopes to promote metal wellbeing and spread love and light in the hearts and minds of those who currently have fear, hate, and darkness. Whether it be a loved one, neighbor, ourselves, or even a complete stranger, we should all strive to give a small reminder of hope when needed the most.
Our products are designed and made in the US and offer the highest quality materials. With your help and support we pledge to donate to organizations that focus on depression and self-harm prevention and treatment. We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with products that you can be proud to own and use as daily positive affirmations to yourself and others.