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Seeking Sunshine: Finding Light in Dark Times. By : Naomi Barrow

When everything in life feels altogether too much, looking for groundbreaking positives might add to our overwhelm. Sometimes, tuning in to the little things can offer sparks of light that help us through. We could find light in teeny tiny things. A ladybird that lands on our arm. A text from a friend that gave us a smile. Or having our favourite snack with a decent cuppa. We don’t need to look for life-changing lightbulbs, just sparks.

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15 Winter Depression Busters. By Therese Borchard

Winter can make achieving good mental health more challenging – especially if being in nature is such a central component to your efforts to stay cheery, as it is mine. Rest assured that it can be done. It just takes a bit more creativity and deliberation. Here are a few winter depression busters that will keep you sunny enough until Spring gets here.

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